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Surviving Call of Duty Warzone Solos for the Average Player

150 players.  Easy win right?  Well, no, not even for expert players.

So you decided to give Call of Duty: Warzone a try and your finding solos to be a frustrating experience.  Fear not, here I'm going to show you the best route to the final circle (at which point, its really up to you).  The following strategy shares some concepts with the regular quads or trios strategies, however, solos has concepts unique to its strategy as once your dead, well, your dead, no squad mates to save your butt.  So read below, we'll describe the types of players you'll run into, the best way to avoid and how to make it that final showdown.  ***Hint***, the best player in the round seldom makes it to the end, though he is more likely to be there then average players.   But, you can not brute force your way to a win.

Player Types

The Hunter

These players pride themselves on kill counts, they care more that they have 20 kills rather then they actually won the Warzone.  Hunters love to, well, hunt.  If they pick up any sign that a player is within their range, they are off to kill that player asap.  In fact, they will spend most of the match looking for fights until someone eventually out guns them or catches them off guard.  They absolutely hate campers as well as its common for them to be picked off by one while they are on their hunt.  Players tend to morph into this type as the gas circle becomes smaller, so a camper may turn into a hunter once a circle hits a certain size. Oh, if they notice a scavenge box or a recon post, you best believe they are going to wait for you to show up.  Might even bring a little bit of the camper in them out.

Found you!


Strong combat Player

Generally a more adept player.  This is why they love to hunt, they typically win encounters.


The camper or other hunters

Wandering around has its draw backs.  The camper grabs some good guns, sets up shop and waits for players to walk by.  A descent camper laying in a good position can whack a hunter off before they can spin around. 

The Camper

Commonly complained about.  Players engage in it because it ultimately works.  These players only move when they have to, and they plan their move accordingly.  When it comes time to move, they know which path their taking and how they are going to approach the path.  While the camper is not moving, they typically grab a weapon they like to use and wait for other players to walk by.  They will look for strong vantage points that provide quick cover and has one or two entrances so that no one can sneak up on them.  i.e. a roof with mines by the door.  A good camper will typically wait for the player to be in the perfect position so that even if the player is the best in the world, they wont have enough reaction time to counter.  This isn't fortnite, you cant just summon a wall and back peddle.  A bad spot likely ends your game.

Funny seeing you here.



The camper patiently waits for another player to walk in their range and strike when then player wont be able to respond quick enough.


Moving or really good hunter

A player's strategy is usually a reflection of how they feel about their own strengths and weaknesses.  Campers are usually less adept in direct conflict scenarios when compared to hunters.  i.e. your average hunter beats your average camper when hes forced into a direct combat scenario. The best time to hit a camper is when they have to move.

The Quester

This player wants to complete recons and scavenge quests to get knowledge of the circle and have the cash to purchase kill streaks, self revives and load outs.  They are generally adept players who expect to encounter other players on their quests, but in general, they are more worried about the quest then camping out or hunting other players.  For example, they'll go finish the recon instead of chasing another player down.

Money and Intel!


These guys generally encounter the previous two types of players.  They often cross the campers path and also run into hunters.  This is probably the more risky type of player to be, contrary to the believe some players have that recon chasers must be players that are not very good.  I myself like to complete quests and I commonly run into other players while actively pursuing recons.  Hell, I have had some campers set up watching my destination, waiting for me to show up.


Similar to the hunter, generally more adept and not fearful of encountering other players.

Black and White

The above player types are generalized, its not black and white, most players will fall somewhere on a scale between the three types.  You will have hunters and campers on quests, especially in the beginning. You will have hunters who decide to camp someone else's quest that they come across.  But generally a hunter is not going to pick a spot to camp as a camper would.

Average Player Strategy

So your an average player.  Not that great, but not horrible either.  What can you do to make it to the end more reliably? Well, we are going to use a mix of strategies to help us get there.

Avoid Vehicle Use

Boy, those vehicles sure are convenient.  They can zip you around that map pretty quickly.  There is just one problem though, everyone knows where you are.  Hunters are going to come for you if you are anywhere near them.  They also have the advantage because they know where you are, likely know why your in the area, and know a good vantage point to get you.  You want to typically avoid vehicle use unless you have a couple specific reasons to use one.  Getting to a very far piece of the map or escaping the gas you briefly forgot about.  If you try to just casually drive from spot to spot, you will be killed.  When you do decide to use one, always engage in the following.

C4 or RPG!

Drive Unpredictably 

Swerve when driving, do not follow predictable paths. i.e. straight road.  The more predictable your driving, the more easily someone can set up a sniper shot or plant an explosive on your path.  

Trophy System

Always use a trophy system.  These systems prevent explosives from killing your vehicle three times for ten minutes.  I have had multiple games where three different players burned one of my trophy charges. Other players love to sneak up and one hit kill vehicles.  In this game, there is no partial damage on vehicles from explosives, you either avoided completely or you just died.

Always use this when driving.  Place on top or in the vehicle about middle.

Scavenge Quest

In the beginning, grab a scavenge quest to get some cash and some gear.  A lot of players are making a mad dash for gear in the beginning, you are going to need something to attack with.  Also, if you believe your in a  low population zone, grab some quests and complete.  The best is the scavenge as it does not expose your position as the recon does. 

UAV Kill Streak

For Warzone, UAV is the best kill streak to have.  Knowing other player locations is a huge advantage.  You'll know when areas are generally safe to transverse or if another player is creeping on you.

UAV is the best kill streak in solo warzone

Gas Mask & Self Revive

Find or purchase a gas mask.  Also, make sure you have a self revive. Generally self revives will only be useful in two scenarios, you and the other player down each other at the same time or a sniper hits you while you are behind cover.

High Ground

Obi-wan was right, the high ground has the advantage.  If you have the opportunity, take the high ground.  The top of the hill or the top of the building.  Players at the high ground have the advantage, keep in mind, advantage does not mean you'll win every fire fight.

You do have an advantage there

Combat Control

If you decide to hold up in an area for a while, place mines at the entrance.  Even if a player safely detonates the mine with a gun, you'll know that someone is coming for you.  Avoid areas with numerous entry points, some of the barns at the farmland are great examples, they just have too many entrances.

Watch your step

Heartbeat Sensor

Get use to using the heartbeat sensor to check your immediate surroundings.  It has made me aware of enemy players numerous times that I otherwise would have not known about.

Plan Your Move

Know when the gas circle is closing and what path you are traveling to the next area.  Understand the vantage points other players could take to watch for players running from the gas.  Campers love to watch players running to the safe zone and zapping them on their trek.  If your closing in on a bad area such as downtown, which has numerous vantage points, use a vehicle with a trophy system to zip through.  If its in the final circle, exit the vehicle quickly, get in a building and use a UAV during the move so that you know about any players waiting for you.

Best Perks

Make sure you use the following two perks.  These are the two best perks for Warzone.  The objective is to survive, not get the most kills.

Cold Blooded

You are more difficult to see on thermal imaging.  You are less likely to be noticed and more likely to be missed.


Heartbeat sensors and UAV's can not detect you.  Critical in the final circle.  Many players will be running UAV's and heartbeat sensors in the final circle to know where you are.  Not knowing your location is very advantageous for you, especially if your UAV can detect them.

Cant detect this!

Move, even when holding still

If your in an open area trying to run across a field, sway side to side, crouch and stand.  Do the same if your trying to complete a recon.  If you hold still too long, a sniper will set up a perfect shot and one hit kill you.  They may even accomplish this while you are moving, but its a guarantee if you hold still.


If you feel a need to practice your shooting.  The best place is the regular multiplayer.  This is because the quick re-spawn will let you practice your aim on quick moving targets hundreds of times, compared to the few times you encounter a player in Warzone.  Couple that with the fact you have to find a new round after two failed encounters and it takes much longer to get that hand eye coordination practice in. If you need practice with early weapons, create load outs with no attachments.  This will help you be use to early game grey weapons, which always have terrible recoil and accuracy.

Final Circle!

Alright! The game is coming to a close and we have made it to the final circle, what do we do?  5 or more players, take advantage of ghost and let a couple of the extra players eliminate themselves.  Some of those bold hunters are too courageous for ghost and they'll start hunting each other.  If you know someone is close to you, use your UAV or heartbeat sensor to get the advantage.  If its another ghost hanging out, wait a little bit, engagements at the  end usually finish with another player killing the winner of a dual. Less then 5 players and tiny circle?  Use your UAV (hopefully you have one) stay on the high ground and perform quick sweeps of alternate vantage points.  Throw your mines down, throw smoke down, create distractions, get the other guy before he gets you.  Remember, its not common for the final enemy to be the best player in the roster.  Be very careful of killing another player when other players are still alive, opportunists will hit you immediately after you take someone down. Finally, keep your cool, don't panic and throw your skill out the window.


Wow, that is a lot of tips for such a simple concept game, be the last man standing.  These tips by no means guarantee success.  They just help you get to that last circle at which point, situational awareness and a quick trigger finger help win the match at the.  Hold the high ground, use ghost, only move with a purpose, and know your enemies location if possible!

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